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This report, called the Vengeance Guide to Sports Betting, shows you precisely the steps you need to take to become a winner, and includes a formula that YOU can use for picking winners that has a 75%+ win rate.

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The Dangerous Habit That’s Costing You A Fortune

Let me ask you one simple question – please be honest when answering…

Are you winning any money at all? And I don’t mean the odd match or really rare accumulator bets that perhaps you won but already lost it back to the bookies.  Are you winning money when spread out in months or years?

If you are, then awesome! 

But if you’re not, you’re sadly in the majority – 95% of the people have a negative account balance with their bookmakers.

The biggest thing that stops you or ANYONE from winning is what I call binge-betting!  Binge-betting is what leads to huge losses.

Do you make bets even thought you have a “feeling” that it is going to lose?  Do you make bets even when you know you’d be in trouble if you lost?  Do you have trouble controlling your urge to place a bet?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then you suffer from binge-betting.

And it is not your fault.  It is what the human brain is wired to do!  Please don’t feel bad for going with what the brain tells you to do.

But here’s one thing I can guarantee you: Winning can’t be accomplished by continuing to do what you’ve always done.

Think about it, chances are that you have been at this game for a long while.  And if whatever you have been doing worked, you would be making money with sports betting!

What you really need to do to start winning to getting rid of this dangerous habit.   Take a fresh, objective and completely logical look at what you have done so far and start exploring new and better approaches.

Which is precisely what the first part of the report addresses.  It has all the tools you need to stop this habit and start making money with the bookmakers.  It takes you through reworking the mesolimbic dopamine pathway, which is the reward system in your brain.  Yes, we will rewire your brain so that you do not crave binge-betting anymore!

The Chicken That Lays The Eggs

Now, stopping binge-betting will get you so far ahead of most people.  But let’s face it! It is pretty obvious that the core of being a winner in sports betting is to pick the winners. (DUH!)  That is why in the first part of this report, I’ll show you the EXACT formula YOU can use to find winners 75%+ of the time.    

This is what I call the chicken that lays the eggs.  What I’m showing you here, is a method that will ALWAYS work, day in and day out.  You will always be able to pick the winner using this formula.


Yep!  That’s true.  This formula is so easy to apply that even a 10-year old could do it.  (Not that they’re allowed to place bets!)

This formula was developed by a professional odds compiler.  He has worked for the biggest bookmaker in the world for over 10 years and have a unique perspective as he know both sides of the story. 

Now, there are many inputs and mathematical models that goes into setting the odds, and it is really quite complicated.  But with his experience, he has identified a pattern that can be used EASILY by punters just like you to pick a winner at least 75% of the time.   

Obviously, he has a lot of tricks up his sleeves, but this one simple formula that you can use to spot winner requires nothing but 15 minutes of your day!

Don’t take my word for it.

Let’s hear it from those that have followed our guide and used our formula…

"You crystallised my thinking!  It helped with my “binge-betting” enormously.  Couple that with the $3588 I've made with your formula in just 3 months, I’m more than impressed…." — Don Alm
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“In just 3 months, my betting balance has grown from the $3000s to early $10000s…Need I say more?” — Gary Halbert
“Holy moly.  This is literally a LIFE SAVER for me.  The first part about “binge-betting” really set my attitudes straight..”  — David Yellen

You Do Not Need A Big Bank – Claim Your Vengeance TODAY!

Now, are you ready to get started but are worried you do not have the capital?  Good news!  Contrary to what most would believe, when you have a successful strategy, you do not need a big bank to start winning.

If you are consistently making profits, the profits only grows!

In fact, with this guide, you can start with as little as 20 times the minimum bet on your bookmaker.  Don’t kid anyone now, your last bet was probably more than that!

We have provided you with a proven betting strategy that will make sure of your success!

This is your chance to FINALLY make money from the bookmaker and start having the easiest payday you’ve ever experienced….

Pick This Up, And You Will…

STOP LOSING.  Learn how to rewire your brain to bring new definitions to winning and losing.  Learn how you can redefine your own success and hence change the way you behave when it comes to gambling. This will be the very foundation to being a winner and seeking vengeance!

START WINING.  Apply the FOOL-PROOF formula to picking matches provided by this guide by spending only a few minutes day that gives you 75%+ win rate.  Follow the betting strategy to place your bets, and be on your way to wining thousands if not more from the bookies.

The Vengeance Guide to Sports Betting has helped countless others just like you to beat the bookies and start making a handsome profits.  Make sure the next one is YOU!

Yes I Want To Start Wining From The Bookies..

Now getting started couldn’t be easier.  The cost of this life-changing guide is just $4.99.  Even though price is extremely reasonable, here’s what’s really important.  If this guide was just another run of the mill article with no substance that leave you broke and frustrated, it wouldn’t matter what the price is.

But if you can stop your bleeding and get steady profits that will continue to grow as long as you’re following the guide, what is that actually worth to you?

I can’t put an exact dollar figure on it for you – only you can do that.  But I can tell you this: at $4.99, this guide could very possibly be the best bargain AND best investment you’ll ever make…